Westchester Baptist Church
Thursday, June 21, 2018
Building Upon a Strong Foundation

Thank you to our VBS Volunteers!!!

You Know Why You Do What You Do

You were up before dawn
and started your day.
You sped off to work
as is always the way.
But this week is different,
there's no time for errands run.
The chores at home will have to wait
or just go undone.

The laundry piles up
and so does the dust.
Things that are usually important,
this week just aren't a must.
It's because this week is VBS!
You've got a job to do.
The kids are anxious to come to church.
They can't wait to see what they'll do!

VBS starts with the pledges
just like when we were young.
 It's a special part of VBS.
Now it really has begun!
The kids love all the crafts
with the glitter, paint, and glue.
They love to sing the songs
and do the hand motions, too.

They love the skits and characters.
They know all their names!
They drink a lot of Kool-Aid
and play some silly games.
Of course, there's the Bible time
with lessons from God's Word.
These stories teach a lesson
that's important to be heard.

 All this makes up Bible School;
it's such a busy week.
The adults are worn out by Friday.
(Is anyone too tired to speak?)
But it's okay that you are tired---
you know why you do what you do.
It's because of the love of Jesus!
Yes, He's the reason, it's true.
He gives new life abundantly!
He changed your very heart.
He loves the children, oh so much.
He wants you to be a part.
 He wants you to love and teach them.
He's wants you to plant the seeds---
the seeds that become a harvest
when these young lives proceed.
He asks you to wrap your arms
around some very special kids.
You see, when the warmth of your arms is felt
He's using your arms as His. 
-Terri Bordeaux
Thank you for your faithfulness.  You were a blessing!